Criticisms and Reflections

“Instruction on Certain Aspects of the Theology of Liberation,”

signed by Cardinal Ratzinger (who later became Pope Benedict XVI) in 1984.  In this document Cardinal Ratzinger carefully disavows Marxist thought and revolutionary violence, while at the same time reaffirming the central themes of concern for others in Catholic social thought as it has taken shape over the last several centuries.

Liberation theology: a challenge to the church

The Retreat of Liberation Theology
by Edward A. Lynch

Praxis and the Content of Theology in Gustavo Gutiérrez’s Theological Methodology: A Comparative Critique.
By Richard Gillingham, in Quodlibet Journal: Volume 7 Number 2, April – June 2005.

Liberation theology and the great revolutionary fantasy
 A review by Paul Gray of Liberation Theology: The Essential Facts About the Revolutionary Movement in Latin America and Beyond, by Phillip Berryman. Review explores unresolved issues around the topics of revolutionary violence and coercive redistribution.  (Also see Berryman’s more recent reflections on the changed situation of liberation theology.)

Temptations of Liberation Theology
by Fr. Richard McBrien

Liberation Theology Under Review
by Fr. Richard McBrien

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