Archbishop Oscar Romero

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Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero (1917 – 1980) was killed by a right wing death squad during the Salvadoran civil war, shortly after appealing to the soldiers of the Salvadoran army, in the name of God, to stop killing their brothers and sisters. He is considered by many to have died for his faith, and was canonized as a Catholic saint in October of 2018 by Pope Francis.



Remembering the Assassination

Who was Oscar Romero? Read about how Romero became convinced to take up the cause of poor Salvadorans in this short biography.

¡Romero vive! In his March 2009 Margin Notes column, Kevin Clarke reflects on the meaning of the Salvadoran election 29 years after the death of Romero.

Romero Revisited: El Salvador 30 years later See El Salvador in 1985 and 2009 through the lens of Tom Hocker’s camera.

Do you hear the cry of the poor? “The greatest works of liberation theology are not written, they’re lived in people such as Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador,” says Michael Lee, a theology professor at Fordham University. Learn more about liberation theology in this interview with Lee, as well as in 5 Questions.

Reading List
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